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Water Heaters

Looking for reliable water heater installation services? Look no further than Prestige Plumbing Werks! We pride ourselves on offering personalized solutions for your specific needs. Our team of knowledgeable professionals will assess your situation and provide trustworthy recommendations to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Schedule a water heater installation or service visit today! $99 PROPOSAL FEE

Water Heater Installation Cost Considerations

The cost of a brand-new water heater can vary widely depending on the type & size of the water heater. Prices can also vary considerably between two types: traditional tank and tankless. There are several other factors that could affect installation or replacement costs such as location, equipment needed for replacement, etc., such as:

Traditional Tank vs Tankless

A traditional tank water heater stores gallons of hot water, so they are always available. A tankless system heats up on-demand for lower energy costs down the road. It’s much easier & cheaper to install a storage unit than one that is not attached to the wall and runs off gas or electricity directly into your home.


Gas Fuel vs. Electric Fuel

While this choice will depend on your location and the costs of natural gas or electricity in your area, a gas water heater is typically more expensive than an electric one.


Size Matters

The most common size for traditional tank water heaters is 40 gallons. A bigger unit will cost you more, but it also has heating costs that are less than a smaller one. Let Prestige Plumbing Werks help figure out the best option for your home with an installation evaluation and estimate today!

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