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Drain Cleaning

Drain clogs can spiral out of control very quickly. A partial block can prevent subsequent solids from passing, and accumulation follows. It’s easier to treat one partial clog earlier than a later, full-blown block in all your drain lines. The urgency increases when dealing with frozen drains, which could rupture anytime if you keep using them while frozen.

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The PPW Approach to Drain Inspection

Different clogs call for unique unblocking methods. We try to unclog your drains cost-effectively. For that to happen, we start with a thorough, non-invasive inspection of your drains using state-of-the-art waterproof cameras - we don’t speculate because it wastes time and money! This technique allows our plumbers to identify the cause of clogging, the size of a clog and the exact location of a clog, so we can remedy it as efficiently as possible.

When to Restore Drain Functionality

It would help if you restored drain functionality immediately when you notice problems with drainage or flow. Drains will continually clog over time, but effective maintenance helps keep them clear. Effective cleaning restores drain functionality. You won’t have to keep boiling water to unclog greasy sinks.

You must inspect and clean your drains when:

  • There’s a stench coming from your drains

  • Your sinks and showers are draining slowly

  • Your sinks and showers are fully blocked

  • Your drains make gurgling sounds

  • Sinks flood when you flush the toilet

  • Your toilet floods when flushing

  • Your toilet’s water level is inconsistent

All these are common signs that your drain lines are clogged.

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