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Prestige Plumbing Werks, LLC. is a full service residential, commercial, and industrial plumbing company. We specialize in residential service of potable water and well systems, drainage systems, additions, remodels and new construction. Commercially, Prestige Plumbing Werks is well versed in all potable water and drainage systems along with any process piping needs you may have.


PPW proudly serves all of Connecticut.​



Master Plumber

10 Years of experience in residential and commercial plumbing, and industrial process piping

Fully Licensed and Insured # 0289757-P1

Words from the owner, 


“I started plumbing in early 2013 after finishing a bachelor degree at Shenandoah University in the biological sciences. The economy at that point did not have much to offer in the entry level job market so began what turned out to be a career in construction. I found that I enjoyed working with my hands and helping people solve problems. I ended up choosing a specialty in plumbing simply because I did not know a licensed plumber.  As I began my apprenticeship, I worked mainly in the residential service and replacement plumbing market but eventually found a great opportunity working at the commercial and industrial level. I spent another eight years working as an employee of that company before I decided entrepreneurship was my real dream.  


In 2021 I started Prestige Plumbing Werks, LLC which I named after my fathers auto body business. I created Prestige to serve its customers, employees, and the community. I want every customer to have a really positive experience working with us and I want our employees to be happy and excited to come to work. You can count on Prestige Plumbing Werks, LLC. to be active in food, toy and clothing drives and catholic church functions.  I want PPW to be known not only for its top notch standards of work and professionalism but also for its high standing in the community.  


To future prospective employees and clients, it is important to note that when you choose Prestige as a contractor or an employer, we truly value your time. This is a business that bases a lot of its energy in developing its core practices to make it easier for the installer and a pleasurable and repeatable experience for the customers. We value your homes as much as we value ours. A lot of times when people ask my opinion, I revert back to, “If it was my house, what would I do?” Then give my answer. I truly care about people and the investment they have made in their home or commercial property. I want it to run as efficiently as possible. 


As an employer we want to give our employees the opportunity to grow as much as possible. We offer health club memberships, paid vacation, retirement planning, and bonus opportunities. I like to think of our employee flowchart as a funnel which leads right to C.E.O. As the company grows so will the opportunities.”


The worst mechanical situations Shea, Owner of PPW, has come across in his young career have been ones that, as he likes to say, “Have too many cooks in the kitchen.” It just seems like mechanical contractors are not on the same page. At PPW we follow diagnostic proven checklists that can make our services comprehensive and repeatable. There is no excuse for us to overlook problems, however on a system with multiple problems one may have to be solved before another one reveals itself. Our systematic process should lead us to the correct solution, every time. We are not just parts changers here, we are problem solvers with proven diagnostic techniques. 


With that being said a service agreement with a company like PPW is a worthwhile investment. Our goal through these contracts is to firm up our client base and get their homes running as efficiently as possible with all its appliances and appurtenance’s working to create a comfortable, worry free environment for the owner.  Prestige Plumbing Werks can offer furnace and boiler cleanings, water heater flushes, anode rod replacement, and efficiency checkups on mechanical equipment. Overall these services will dramatically extend the life of your home's mechanical systems saving you money and headaches while saving 15% on all PPW services. 

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